Wood burned Silver Maple necklace, Dandelion puff

Wood burned Silver Maple necklace, Dandelion puff


Each Pendant has been hand drawn and some have even been water colored. I use a skin safe clear coat for my pendants. The clear coat is water resistant, so going out in the rain will not be a problem, but since they are not water proof, I would not go swimming for hours with this necklace on. Each Pendant has a leather cord and the clasps are all swivel lobster clasps. The C.A. in the back of the necklace is for Cranberry Acre!

This wood burned pendant has dandelion puffs on it. The cord measures 20 ½ inches long. The pendant is about 1 ½ inches in diameter. Make a wish!



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I was given a bunch of cut Silver Maple a few years back and really did not know what I was going to do with them. Silver Maple or sometimes known as Swamp Maple, is such a light wood that I needed to think of a special project to use it on. I started wood burning other objects when it dawned on me that these pieces would make wonderful jewelry, with my art work on it! This has been a fun project, because it tests my ability on how small I can wood burn images.