Handmade, wood Burned, Maple Bowl

Handmade, wood Burned, Maple Bowl


This handmade Trinket bowl, measures 11 ½ inches long by 8 inches wide. The bowl stands about 1 ¾ of an inch tall and is made out of Maple. There is an Octopus wrapping itself around the bowl. On the back of this board is the wood burned Cranberry Acre mark.

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All these Trinket bowls, will be shipped in a box so it will prevent them from breaking.




Wood bowl care:  These bowls are usable art, so please use them. They have been treated with oils so the wood does not split when washed. If you use your bowls and they get dirty, DO NOT!!!! Put in a dish washing machine. This will ruin your item! Hand wash your wood bowls and when done apply a small amount of oil to it. You can use Olive Oil or Mineral oil, which your wood bowl has already been treated with. Keep doing this and you should have your item should last a good while. If the bowl looks dry, just add a little oil to them.

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How about owning a piece of artwork from the Blue Ridge Mountains here in Virginia? These trinket bowls, are handmade here in the mountains by a local artist and I Woodburn the designs onto each board. These beautiful items are made out of Chestnut, Walnut, Maple, Cherry, and Oak. Each bowl, is unique to its self and a piece of Operative Art! After I am done with wood burning the item, I treat them with mineral oil so they do not crack and all of our wood burned items, come with instructions on how to care for them. Each one I do is different in its own way. I free hand all my work so there will be differences in each piece of art. I do not use a stencil on any of my work. These bowls will dress up any table while entertaining guests.