Milk glass and glass, hanging bird feeder

Milk glass and glass, hanging bird feeder


This feeder is made from a Vintage milk glass sea shell and a cobalt blue glass plate, this holds your bird feed for the bird. There is a clear glass bowl, which acts as a shield.  It measures from top of hook to the bottom right around, 10 inches tall and the bowl is 10 ½ inches in diameter.

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Hanging tea cup and vintage glass birdfeeders are a beautiful way to feed the birds. Everyone has pieces of glass and ceramic that have really no use anymore. Over the years pieces of a set get broken and become unwanted. I’ve made these pieces useful and also have made them into a piece of art. I love to re purpose items and give them new life, this just seemed like a cute idea. Each tea cup and glass feeder is put together with stainless steel parts, to help prevent rusting and has a zinc coated rod holding them all together. We have also added rubber grommets, to help with squirrel jumps and high wind. The rod in the center is decorated with brass or silver wire, with glass beading. Each one is A- One-Of-A Kind, feeder! There is a decorative hook on the top of each feeder also. These are beautiful hanging from your porch or on your flower garden.