Revisioned porch column and bottles, flower vase

Revisioned porch column and bottles, flower vase


Here on Cranberry Acre we love to take things and make them useful again. We like to call this Revisioning an item. This flower vase is made from an old porch column. I am unsure of the actual age of this column, but believe it came from a house from the very early 20th Century, due to the look. There are 4 small glass bottles (Ginseng bottles), and an old spice bottle in the center. The block measures right around a 5x5x4. The top of the block has a light stain added to it. These are cute displays for a home or a special occasion like a wedding. The porch column was painted white at one time. The paint reflects its age and the weather it took on being on a porch. You can display this with real flowers or silk flowers, it is up to you.

This does not come with the silk flowers you see in the photo.


If you have any questions please contact me first before buying, thank you.

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