Revisioned 100 year old barn wood, soup tureen, birdhouse

Revisioned 100 year old barn wood, soup tureen, birdhouse


This birdhouse is made out of an old soup tureen. The barn wood has been left its own natural color and is not finished. There is moss with dried mushrooms under and around the soup tureen.

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As always here on Cranberry Acre we are looking for ways to make the old useful again. We tore down an old barn a few years back to help build our barn and we had some leftovers. I have been sitting on these pieces for a little while now and decided it was time to make something so here it is! We also have collected over the years old tea pot and soup tureens that had lost their covers. What do you do with these? We decided to make bird houses out of these items and they are just beautiful. These are meant to be outside for the birds, but many people have just displayed them in their homes as art. On the back of each one of these is a sturdy hook and the Cranberry Acre signature. Whichever way you go, it will defiantly make you smile at this new Revisioned, piece of art.