Reproduction Purple, Ball oil lamp, with Vintage Zinc lid

Reproduction Purple, Ball oil lamp, with Vintage Zinc lid


This Mason jar oil lamp, is a pint jar. These are the reproduction jars that Ball had made. These are the regular mouth jar, which are now hard to find.

The wicks of these candles are a fiber glass and burn without a residue.

With these candles it is important that you use a liquid paraffin and not just a regular oil, if you are burning inside. If burning outside you can use regular lamp oil or Citronella oil.

This candle does not come with the oil in it.

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I love the look of candle light and the look of mason jars, so what’s better than enjoying them both in a liquid candle. My love for Vintage things brought me to making these. I had Mason jars that I love and don’t use, I have also collected many Zinc lids, so decided to enjoy them by making a candle.

Each Liquid candle has a Zinc and glass lid, which I have drilled a hole through the top, but have kept the milk glass intact, keeping the vintage feel and helps with the lid not getting hot. The hole has a rubber grommet in it to keep the glass and metal from touching.