Revisoned beer bottle, Soy/Woodwick Candle, Cappuccino Brulee

Revisoned beer bottle, Soy/Woodwick Candle, Cappuccino Brulee


This sale is for one of these candles!

This is a beer bottle candle and is Cappuccino Brulee scented. The scent on this candle smells like a cup of chocolate coffee!

If you have any questions please contact me first before buying. For international orders please contact me about the shipping for this item. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we want to make sure that the shipping you pay is accurate.

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I was always being asked at shows, do you want some wine bottle for a project. At the time I really did not know what I would do with them. I have a love for candles and burned them all the time, but had all of these cool jars I had kept piling up! Over the years we had tried cutting bottles, but had failed, then one winter we finally got the hang of it and decided we would make candles. It was a very useful way of using something that people just threw away. These candles are made out of soy and have wood wicks in them. Wood wicks are amazing when they burn, they snap and crackle when they burn, just like a campfire. The scents I use are either essential oils are all natural scents. Please read the description and title to know which is which, or just email me to ask! All of the labels have been treated so they will not peel off and edges have been sanded so you will not cut yourself. What's so great about these candles is after they are done being used as a candle, you still have a container you can use for pencils or flowers, whatever you choose.