Revisioned Antique Ads, Soy Woodwick Candle, Peach scented

Revisioned Antique Ads, Soy Woodwick Candle, Peach scented


I have a collection of very old Agricultural Magazines that I found a few years back. What is so cool about these magazines they are all from the early 19th Century, some dating back to the Civil War! The Ads at the back of these magazines are amazing to read, a look at our past. I wanted to share these and decided to reuse some old candle containers to be there canvas. Each candle is different using the Ads from one month and year. These are the original ads and not copies. You get to touch a piece of history. Candles are made out of soy and all have wood wicks. Soy burns clean, it also burns out of a container, which allows you to reuse this container over and over again. The container has been coated with a dishwasher safe coating. Put this on the top shelf of your dishwasher or just hand wash them when candle is done.

This candle is peach scented. The Magazine Ads came from an October 1866 Agricultural Magazine!


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