Handmade glycerine soap with loofah. Vanilla scented

Handmade glycerine soap with loofah. Vanilla scented


This loofah soap is called Vanilla and is made with all natural fragrance oils. The glycerine soap makes your skin feel smooth and soft. The scent is not too strong, but enough to give you a hint of Vanilla. There is no color added to this soap. This batch of soap weighs right around 3.6 to 4.0 oz each.


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All Natural Soap with a loofah! This soap is made with all natural ingredients and oils.  Loofah is a natural exfoliant which helps your skins natural glow. Use this loofah soap to help soften rough spots on your body, like your feet and even your elbows. Over time your feet will be soft and of course smell wonderful. I make all my soaps in small batches, to keep them as new and fresh as I can. The soap base is made up from, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Safflower oil, Glycerin ( Kosher Veg. Origin), purified water, Sodium Hydroxide ( saponifying agent ), Sorbitol ( moisturizer ), Sorbitan Oleate ( emulsifier ), Oat protein ( conditioner ) and some have a Soy Bean protein ( conditioner ). I also have a glycerin soap that has honey in it too. We just started this year to make Oatmeal and Shea Butter soap with the loofah. We are always adding new soaps due to the needs and wants of our customers. Check in the description of each soap, to see the differences. Scents are then added to each soap batch, some being 100% natural fragrance oil or essential oils.