Broken china Jewelry, Late 20th Century Bone China

Broken china Jewelry, Late 20th Century Bone China


This pendant is made from a tea cup saucer, from right around the late 20th Century. The pendant measures 1 ¼ inches tall and is about 1 inches wide. The edges are covered in a silver solder that contains, NO LEAD. The length of the brown suede cord is right around 22 inches from clasp to clasp. This is a very pretty piece that would go with casual wear or for when you are dressing up.

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Here at Cranberry Acre, we like to utilize everything we can and limit our waste. Have you ever wondered what happens to the pieces of china that break when attempting to drill them as bird feeders? Well, they now get turned into beautiful pieces of art, Revisioned-Operative-Art. Each one of these necklaces, are a one of a kind piece of wearable art. Either silver plate or sterling silver is utilized for the clasps and loops on all of the jewelry created, and they all come together with light brown, dark brown or black rawhide or suede on each piece. Beautifully finalizing each one of a kind piece of wearable art is a border of hand laid, lead free silver solder to give every piece its own character and charm.