High waist kitchen half apron, size LG

High waist kitchen half apron, size LG


This apron is made out of a cotton that has a very modern abstract flower pattern. The bottom of this skirt has a pink cotton trim. This apron only has two pockets on it.  Sizing on this apron is a size large, which should fit a waist around 32 to 34 inches, perfectly. Just a very stylish half apron and would make an amazing gift.


As always there is a Life Time Warranty on all the seams. Just send it back to Cranberry Acre, (you pay for shipping) and we will fix the seam for the life of the item. If altered in anyway the warranty will be voided. We want this to be something you can have for a long time and hopefully pass on in the family. Any questions about this warranty, please contact before purchase and we will explain.


If you have any questions please contact me first before buying. For international orders please contact me about the shipping for this item. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we want to make sure that the shipping you pay is accurate.


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I do not always wear a full apron when I’m in the kitchen or when I’m cleaning house, just because it is so hot! In those times I wear my high aprons. This half apron is a simple style of apron with just a little flare where it’s needed. I would use this one more as a working half apron and not as much as a hostess apron, but it would work for either, just as well. The waist on these are set high. I never have liked an apron right on my waist, so I made adjustments until this apron style felt right when I was working. Such a simple, yet pretty apron.