Extra long working apron with loops. Adjustable and lined, size large

Extra long working apron with loops. Adjustable and lined, size large


This apron, is from the newer design of Working Aprons, which means it does have the belt loops on it. This is the extra-long design and will go past your knees and will reach your muck boots. It is total protection in whatever you are working in, whether it is dirt, paint or clay! This one is made from a cotton upholstery material.

The lining of this apron is black cotton. There is also a dark grey cotton canvas, holding the adjustable strap in place. The strap is made from a red cotton and is the same color of the pocket lining is and measures, right around 126”. The body of this apron measures from top to bottom right around, 39”. The top chest part of this apron measures a little over, 12 ½” from corner to corner and the widest part, the body of the apron is around 32”. This is a size large Working Apron. There are 3 large pockets and 2 internal pockets to this apron, and no worries on not having enough pockets. This is just a fun fabric and can be for a man or a woman.

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The Working Apron is the apron that started it all here at Cranberry Acre. I spent a few months with a Master Gardener and designing this apron for her needs. She still has her garden apron after all these years and loves it to work in it. The Working Apron is always made from an upholstery fabric which most are stain and soil resistant and are usually a cotton or synthetic blend fabric. I try my best to look for fabrics that are fun and you would never think of using in a working environment. No one says you can’t wear pretty stuff and work!

 Now this apron doesn’t just have to be used in the garden, over the years I have had artist, teachers, animal groomers, potters and many more, purchase these to use. It has become a very versatile apron. What makes this apron a great apron is the fact that every Working Apron is adjustable and has an extra-long tie so you can have the room to adjust where you need it!  There is also an extra-long version of this apron now so that it goes past your knees. When you are working in the garden or in your flower bed, you will not get your knees dirty when planting! I love mine when I’m cleaning out stalls because it goes over my muck boots and I don’t have to worry about stuff getting in them! Each Working Apron is lined to help with durability. There is a front chest pocket that is not just for looks, it can be used for small objects or cell phones, and is just as sturdy as the rest of the apron. The bib waist pocket I separated into three large sections and there are also two inner pockets in two of those separations. The body of this pocket has a double stitch at the bottom so things won’t try to rip the bottom of the pocket. Sometimes I will make one of the inner pockets into two, so you can put your seed packets in them when going out to the garden and you don’t have to worry about open packets spilling out it the rest of the pocket!  This design now has belt loops to help hold your ties on your waist and now there is an option for a Criss-Cross design! As a customers’ needs grow, so do the designs of this apron. All materials are pre washed and dried, so you do not have to worry about it shrinking.