Cranberry acre, Housewife collection 2015, kitchen apron

Cranberry acre, Housewife collection 2015, kitchen apron


This apron in particular is made from cotton with a vibrant design on it. There is white lace on the edge of the skirt. The waist is also made from a cotton that is a polka dot yellow. The ties on this apron are a bright pumpkin orange. This apron is a very cute and makes you feel very lively. Just love the colors on this. Size is a med to a large.


Waist is 27 ½ inches

And the ties measure each, from the top of the shoulder right around 46 inches long

From shoulder to bottom of skirt it measures right around 37 ½ inches long.


As always there is a Life Time Warranty on all the seams. Just send it back to Cranberry Acre, (you pay for shipping) and we will fix the seam for the life of the item. If altered in anyway the warranty will be voided. We want this to be something you can have for a long time and hopefully pass on in the family. Any questions about this warranty, please contact before purchase and we will explain.


If you have any questions please contact me first before buying. For international orders please contact me about the shipping for this item. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we want to make sure that the shipping you pay is accurate.






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This is the new 2015 Kitchen Apron. This apron was thought about while I was constructing the Harvest apron. I loved the top of the Harvest apron but the skirt did not work for a kitchen apron and the fabric I use for the Harvest apron is thicker. I then started to construct a new kitchen apron with the bodice from the Harvest apron but this apron has a traditional skirt from most vintage aprons. A comfortable apron that the ties sit on your shoulders, and cross across your back.  This apron also has the adjustment loops for a smaller chest or a larger chest, just slide up or down depending on your size! The skirt of this apron has 2 pockets like traditional vintage aprons. These aprons will be made from cotton and will be One of a Kind aprons.