Adjustable BBQ/Kitchen Apron, Size Large, Unisex

Adjustable BBQ/Kitchen Apron, Size Large, Unisex


I have been asked many times to make the garden apron in a lighter fabric to use in the kitchen, so this year I am doing just that. Each Kitchen apron is full size and is adjustable, there is going to be the large pocket separated into 3 different sections on the front of this apron. All made from high quality cotton and each apron is lined too with a light weight cotton. They are designed to be used often! Just a great apron for the kitchen or for a BBQ.

This apron is made from a great cotton that could be used for a man or a woman. The pattern of the fabric has many trains from all ages on it! The ties are made from a red cotton. The front pocket is large and is separated into 3 sections, leaves room for anything. This kitchen apron is also lined with Navy Blue cotton. This is an adult size large, apron.

The apron measures across the top of the bib, right around 12 inches. The body of this apron at its widest part is right around 33 inches wide. The length of this apron is right around 30 ¾ inches long. The apron's ties are right around 111 inches long.

As always there is a Life Time Warranty on all the seams. Just send it back to Cranberry Acre, (you pay for shipping) and we will fix the seam for the life of the item. If altered in anyway the warranty will be voided. We want this to be something you can have for a long time and hopefully pass on in the family. Any questions about this warranty, please contact before purchase and we will explain.

If you have any questions please contact me first before buying. For international orders please contact me about the shipping for this item. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we want to make sure that the shipping you pay is accurate.

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